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Alex Smith

The Harbour Agency

Alex Smith

8:00pm, Thu 24 October, 2019

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Lead singer of “Moving Pictures”, Alex Smith will tour East Coast live-music venues in October 2019, performing his new album “The Thread” & celebrating the songs & artists that shaped his youth.

It’s a long time since the intensity of the early 1980’s, but the passion for singing & performance has never left him.   As the younger brother of talented Blues Guitarist, Gypsy Dave Smith, Alex grew up listening to the music of artists like Muddy Waters & Brownie McGhee filtering through his bedroom wall.  That deep connection with the rhythms & power of the blues, morphed on to form the backbone of his musical tastes and performance style.  

From living his personal history at the heart of the 80’s Australian pop scene & as a celebrated vocalist and song-writer, Alex Smith a lot to reflect upon & say.   His new CD album release “The Thread” (2018), combines classical inspirations from the ancient myths & powers of the three Fates, with his experience of life lived at full-tilt down through the decades. Alex’s trademark skills as a lyricist & songwriter come shining through, while his smooth and original new music, reverberates with themes & storylines we all will recognise.  

“Lemonade”  - when life gives you lemons.

“Slow Train” – real love is all about the journey.

“Heaven Yet” – taking a leap of faith.

“Alex Smith is bright and erudite.  He’s a journeyman with two hands on the wheel & one eye on the world – a condition that saturates sharp & sure-footed story-telling.  A pristine, dynamic voice is at the centre of songs awash with emotion and flooded by the ebb & flow of life.”

Nick Bennett, journalist, broadcaster.                 

The Flying Solo tour will blend Alex’s new original material from “The Thread” with his powerful renditions of his favourite blues, soul and rock tracks.  With performances of much-loved masterpieces by The Loving Spoonful, Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield, Leonard Cohen & The Who, the Flying Solo tour sees this celebrated voice ringing out again, as he performs throughout a variety of intimate venues, pubs & clubs in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane/GoldCoast.