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Dribs w/ Sammy Honeysett // Horsin’ Around // Drift

Yours & Owls presents

Dribs w/ Sammy Honeysett // Horsin’ Around // Drift

8:00pm, Sat 6 February, 2021

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Howdy howdy, ahoy ahoy! Your young, dumb, cosmic cowboys are back with their sophomore EP "For The Future Kids”. Wow, can you f**king believe it? Things are about to get louder and crazier than you’ve ever seen from the sweaty gong-rock evangelists. Lasers, a vegan hotdog stand, the actual revival and summoning of Jesus Christ; the whole shebang. Don’t forget to bring your best attitude because no one likes a d!ckhead, turn those frowns upside down and turn those regular chairs into rocking chairs. 

We can’t wait to smile with you all, and tell 2020 to collectively kiss our behinds. From pre’s to kick ons you might want to take the day off, hell take the whole week off. Dribs are having a party, and you’re damn sure invited.

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