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Tijuana Cartel w/ Monsieur Diop (DJ)

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Tijuana Cartel w/ Monsieur Diop (DJ)

5:00pm, Sun 21 January, 2024
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Tijuana Cartel, the renowned Australian musical collective celebrated for their pioneering fusion of diverse genres, proudly presents their latest masterpiece, Alectura. This innovative album once again showcases the band’s expertise in blending organic house and melodic house with captivating rhythms, beats, and global influences.

'Alectura' will be available on all platforms from Friday, September 1, 2023.


Aussie band, Tijuana Cartel, has established itself as a distinctive musical entity through their innovative fusion of diverse genres. Combining electronic music production with a rich tapestry of world sounds, they have crafted a unique sonic landscape that captures a broad spectrum of global influences.

Having graced some of Australia's largest stages, Tijuana Cartel has curated an east-meets-west wonderland for audiences in search of sensory stimulation, euphoria, and the driving force of fat beats and bass-fuelled electronica. Their sound embodies high-energy, guitar-driven world music, appealing to indie, electronic and roots music fans alike.