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Lara Andallo

Lara Andallo

7:30pm, Thu 14 July, 2022

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Lara Andallo at The Lansdowne Hotel has been rescheduled to Thursday 14th July 2022.

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Lara Andallo is returning to the Lansdowne to celebrate the release of her upcoming single ‘Head to toe’ releasing June 2nd. “Head To Toe” is the first step of a new chapter of Lara, confirming her allegiance to the sounds of classic R&B and pop, while incorporating futuristic electronica and harder hip-hop/trap production. Lara's live show combines her snap-neck dance routines with striking vocal capabilities. Working closely with choreographer Jervis Livelo, Lara's live show harks back to the golden years of R&B, placing strong emphasis on engaging all the senses. "I miss back in the early 2000s when artists gave us a full-out show, every time, like Ciara," she says. "Locally, I don’t think there are many artists who really incorporate dance as an integral part of their live show the way I do, and I want to bring that style of performance to Australia, and then globally." Accompanied by back-up dancers, live percussion and DJ Mowgli May, it's more proof that Lara's extravagant live show is one of Australia's most essential.

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