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giraffeHead // Max Reuben // Tarnish

Tuff Palace & The Servo presents

giraffeHead // Max Reuben // Tarnish

6:00pm, Sat 4 December, 2021
The Servo, NSW

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Composed of lead vocalist Jack Clare, drummer Jarrah Henderson-Jackson,

guitarist Harvey Jakubiw and bassist Jye Gibson, giraffeHead have become the

latest band to make their sound heard in the Wollongong area.

Following a long history of successful artists to emerge from the music-loving

Illawarra region - such as Tumbleweed, Anthony Warlow and Hockey Dad -

giraffeHead are keen to make their own unique stamp in the Australian music

scene. Fuelled by aspirations to become Australia’s newest breakthrough and

standout collective, giraffeHead are eager to perform in front of new crowds all

across the Illawarra.

Most importantly, their style and vision is exactly what the Illawarra wants.

With members stemming from a wide range of genres and musical

backgrounds, giraffeHead are uniquely able to cohesively combine a variety of

sounds to create the perfect listening experience. Through their fusion of Jazz,

RnB, Funk, Soul and many other sounds, giraffeHead appeal directly to the

Illawarra’s live music scene, particularly and especially it’s dominant Indie

music culture.

Their distinctive passion for creating enjoyable, crowd-pleasing music is

exactly what sets giraffeHead apart with their live music. Through potential

future performances, the four-man crew is sure to bring liveliness, energy and

spirit to the venues and gigs at which they play. Having already amassed an

enthusiastic following through local gigs and performances, the band is

seeking new opportunities to showcase their talent and expand their already

growing fanbase.