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Candys Apartment Ft Starfvckers

Candys Apartment and Candy Entertainment

Candys Apartment Ft Starfvckers

8:00pm, Sat 25 August, 2018 - 5:00am, Sun 26 August, 2018
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Candys Apartment Ft Starfvckers

Candys Apartment & Candy Entertainment Present


Birthed from the loins of the Triangles, curators of cadence - Starfvckers - replenish the electronic landscape, weaving an intricate tapestry of musical method.

The Starfvckers Supernova shakes the surrounding universe with an explosion of colour and light - revealing at its core - the two bright sons, Disorder & Hookie, and the dawn of a new era for dance music. Armed with the wealth of an epic history in an explosive new age, the prolific percolation of this debaucherous duo has finally reached its boiling point.

Presenting in the most important century of music, events and empires; Starfvckers infamous shows will take you on a genre-bending journey through the wonderland of your musical subconscious.

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