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The Golden Gaytimes

The Golden Gaytimes

8:00pm, Fri 10 May, 2024
HABA, VIC accessibility-icon
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The Golden Gaytimes are on their way to HABA to spread the love and share their uninhibited, feel good vibes!

The Golden Gaytimes (featuring members of Muzzy Pep, The Sleepy Jackson, Forever Since Breakfast and The Great Dividing Range), with the one and only Jane ‘Jane-O’ Harvey up front, have rapidly made a name for themselves since the release of their 2024 debut album Hot As Buggery.

From Maitland NSW , the band are driven by the understanding that great music is made with liberal measures of both spook and wonk, and their debut album has inspired a run of madcap, psychedelic and party atmosphere gigs, guaranteed to have punters heading for the dance floor.

Their debut has been carefully crafted to highlight a variety of characteristics that suggest the exotic sonics of:

Nico singing in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Mentals and Skyhooks go camping with The B-52s
The Aussie Grey Wave New Wave of The Fauves nightclubbing with Wet Leg and Blondie

As their first single 'I'm Tempted' (400k+ views on YouTube!) establishes, this is a band that thrives on great riffs, heady grooves and a strong sense of fun and irreverence.

It’s a psychedelic suburban Australian experience, that also draws on elements of post-punk, and jangly alternative guitar pop. They delve into such matters as online dating ('Swipe Right Swipe Left'), hot, hot days (Hot As Buggery), hilarious false rumours ('Bindi Eyes'), a love story with a knife-edge ending ('Running Away'), and in ('Hard/Easy') – a feminist anthem.

Enjoy the fun that is The Golden Gaytimes. Blistering guitars, fabulously corny and observational lyrics and packed with high-energy vibes.

 If you love the B52’s, you will go nuts over The Golden Gaytimes!

"Welcome to the party, we’re so glad you’re here..."