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Skyline Sun + Mid Ground + Shattered Circuits

Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar

Skyline Sun + Mid Ground + Shattered Circuits

7:00pm, Thu 10 March, 2022

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Classic and modern jazz fusion

Berlin-based, nu-jazz project Skyline Sun brings dance focus to jazz music. Skyline Sun is the musical moniker for producer and guitarist Jarrah Dhyan and with the recent release of his sophomore EP 'Flesh and Bones', caught the interest of WorldWide FM, Twisted Soul, Kalab, Vibe Rating and FIP radio to name a few. The music fuses aspects of classic and modern jazz, shifting in pace and vibe with highs and lows that embody this fluctuating environment. A reflection of Jarrah’s own life, the music shifts in accordance with his own experiences and those of the musicians he is working with. Born in Australia before moving to Europe in more recent years, Jarrah is familiar with evolving and changing environments. The musicians working with him on the project come from all over the world, each with different backgrounds and experiences but united through the love of music. It is truly an ever-growing international affair.

Mid Ground - is the collection of musical offerings from Ally McMahon and Andrew Chara. 50% English & 50% Australian, this joining of nationalities merges together creating an aroma of sounds and influences from the streets of London, and the sunlit shores of Sydney. Musically, geographically, and internationally these backgrounds have arrived at a centre point hence the christening of the project, 'Mid-Ground’.

Whilst Sydney and London’s jazz scene’s have exploded into the consciousness of music lovers worldwide, Mid-Ground have been hustling away composing ideas that others would approve as exclusive, unique, and unheard of. Hoping to add to these united movements and expand them further.

With Andrew Chara - Keys, Ally McMahon - Bass & Hugo Rumore - Kit

Shattered Circuits - Nu jazz.
With Tom Andrews - Sax, Tom Urquhart - Keyboards, Amanda Jenkins - Bass & Brendan Paul - Drums

8.30pm Bands 🎤 
11.30pm The Jazz kick Ons

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