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KEF–IC: Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat, Level 1 Personal Combatives, Toowoomba

Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat (KEF–IC)

KEF–IC: Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat, Level 1 Personal Combatives, Toowoomba

9:00am, Sun 29 November, 2020

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Close-combat self defence seminar


A veteran of multiple combat tours, former Australian commando, Sergeant Paul Cale rewrote the book on Special Forces Close-Quarter Fighting (CQF), creating the foundation for the Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP)KEF–IC (Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat) encapsulates the methods underpinning Cale’s military programs. These methods are now being offered to non-military personnel. Whether you want to improve your existing martial arts skills, or build effective self-protection skills from the ground up, this course is for you. You may even want to take your first steps toward a KEF–IC black belt and becoming a Combatives Master Trainer. 

Hosted by HMR Combatives, KEF–IC accredited instructors Chris Fechner and Douglas Eacersall will teach Cale’s battle-proven principals and survival tactics.

Chris's martial arts journey spans nearly two decades as a student, instructor, submission grappling/MMA veteran and security professional. Chris holds instructor qualifications in KEF–IC, Krav Maga, Silat (Raw Combat International) and Close Quarters Combat (Scientific Fighting Congress of Australia). He holds black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Escrima and Freestyle Hapkido. He is also a Level 1 expert in Krav Maga (tested and certified in Israel).

Douglas has been practising martial arts and combat sports for over 30 years. He is a long-term practitioner of Boxing, Japanese Swordsmanship, Historical European Martial Arts, La Canne Vigny and Western Combatives, and holds grades in Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat (KEF–IC), Aikido, Mau Rakau (Maori martial arts), Kendo and Krav Maga. He is an accredited instructor in KEF–IC as well as the founder and chief instructor of the Historical School of Defence and HMR Combatives in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

On successful completion of these courses, participants will receive KEF–IC certificates and level patches. Participants will then be eligible to grade for KEF–IC Level 1-Charlie with an accredited Master Combatives Trainer.      

COURSE Content:

Level 1-Alpha

In this module, you will cover the key aspects of surviving — and preventing — violent confrontation: mindset, tactics, legal and moral considerations, and functional, high-percentage techniques. You will also discover how KEF–IC’s battlefield origins inform everything that you learn, and how to adapt its proven principles to your own abilities and existing skill-sets.

Level 1-Bravo

Build on the Level 1-Alpha training with additional skill integration, ACP/KEF–IC reflex training and drills to help you develop your Level 1 skills into an effective arsenal.


Level 1-Alpha and Level 1-Bravo

Places limited. Secure your spot now.   

Date/Time: Sunday, 27 September 2020. 9am–4pm (Please arrive 15 mins early).   

Location: Toowoomba East State School, Centenary Hall, Arthur Street, East Toowoomba.

Prerequisites: None – complete beginners and advanced practitioners welcome.   

COVID19 Safety Plan in place.