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Hot Potato Band // The Groove

Yours & Owls presents

Hot Potato Band // The Groove

8:00pm, Sat 9 March, 2019
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Over the past 4 years, Hot Potato Band has seen an unprecedented evolution. Beginning their

journey as roving street performers, the 10 piece band from Sydney, Australia have been twice

around the the literal and figurative block. Like a muscle they have exercised their musicianship

and showmanship which is the likely reason they leave lasting impressions on festivals and

audiences. Many Australian and New Zealand festivals including Woodford Folk Festival (QLD),

Queenscliff Music Festival (VIC), Caloundra Music Festival (QLD) and Coastella Festival (NZ)

athemed the bands first release 'This Is How It Should Be', as well as many festival reviewers

highlighting the their show above larger Australian and International names.


"Hot Potato Band were undoubtedly one of the most entertaining acts of the day" -

Madeline Tait, THE MUSIC (Lost

Picnic Festival, Sydney)


"Simply amazing in every single way, from their timing, their show performance, to their impressive crowd

involvement. They gave the Lost Picnic audience a performance so unique and entertaining, personally their set was

definitely one of the highlights from the entire event" -

Laura Tedder, AMNPLIFY (Lost Picnic, Sydney)


"Of course there are always some gems of acts that you see that make the entry price totally worth it. My picks for

this year were Sydney boys Hot Potato Band who i saw twice." -

Kristen Austin-Zande, SCENSTR (Queenscliff Music Festival)


"This band simply is a barrel of fun and a perfect fit for a summer's night of revelry." - Philippe Perez, The AU Review


Hot Potato Band is proud of their all acoustic line up. The absence of electronic

instrumentation has set them apart from many other acts and continues to tie them to their

roving roots, but not to the stage. The bands energy is released through an amalgamation of

catchy music and lyrics, infectious dance moves, and audience interaction, attributed to their

mobility as a band and the breaking down of barriers between stage and audience. Although

difficult to describe their genre, HPB continues to compile their arsenal of songs inspired by

Pop, Funk, Ska, Reggae and bound by the classic sounds of New Orleans brass bands.

The bands unique sound is built on the backs of three drummers and a sousaphone, along with

an array of horns covering catchy chorus lines and providing a beautiful harmonic cloud for

Ben (vocalist) to float above. They are a band never to shy from a good time.