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Hits and Pits Festival 2013 2.0 with Headliner BLACK FLAG

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Hits and Pits Festival 2013 2.0 with Headliner BLACK FLAG

5:00pm, Sat 23 November, 2013
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After riffing its way around the country in March it was decided that waiting a full 12 months to do it again; was just too long. November, 2013, Hits & Pits Touring Mini-Fest is back! This time round it's punk-as-fu*k. It's to the point, straight up, with a bunch of international bands and later released Australian talent.

 Hits & Pits 2.0. It's here. It's real. It's happening.


Due to the pant-exploding calibre of the line-up the announcement has been split into two rounds but we can tell you that Boysetsfire, No Fun At All, Jugheads Revenge and Off With Their Heads will be joining the party.
Boysetsfire. Enough Said.
Though, if 100 words about this band from Newark is what you must read then you can have it.  Boysetsfire made a name for themselves in the early 1990s and their particular brand of post-hardcore has been grabbing the ears of young and old ever since.  The band may have taken some time off to pursue other exploits but they are just as furious and face-melting as ever.  "While A Nation Sleeps" is slated for a June 11th release through Bridge 9 Records and if the album trailer is anything to go by, there will be no disappointment here.
Sure, they said last time was the 'last time' but their love for pristine beaches, sunshine and an average temperature in the double digits meant that Sweden's No Fun At All would be back to Australia in our lifetimes. They made their own slice of punk rock heaven in Sweden and have been sharing it with the world since 1991, and kicking on (one last time) in 2013.
Since we're talking about the 1990's let's take it right back there to a band making their first trip to Australia, Jugheads Revenge.  No lawsuit can keep a good punk rock band down and after almost a decade of time off the band is back, with a back catalogue of favourite's and plans to release a stint of 7 inch records in 2013.  They are keeping it fast.  They are keeping us stoked.  They are (finally) coming to Australia!
Last, but nowhere near least, are Minnesota's own Off With Their Heads.  A band not known to follow the norm; their rotating roster aims to keep the band, and music, as fresh as possible.  The band's third full-length "Home" has received rave reviews since its release on Epitaph Records earlier in the year and the band are eager to get back to Australia in their latest form bringing their angry, honest, vicious and weighted punk rock with them.


Never have more privileged words be written than these.  These words that are about to tell you that Bad Astronaut will be touring Australia as part of the Hits & Pits 2.0 Festival in November 2013.  A person can almost count on one hand the amount of times that Bad Astronaut have hit the stage since 2005 and it's an absolute honor that they will be doing so as part of this tour.  It's likely to be the bands first and last jaunt around this country and is not to be missed.

In the red corner, representing the United Kingdom is the band with the drummer / singer combo...Snuff.  At the start of this year these lovely larrikins release their first studio album in 10 years, suitably titled "5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps?"  Perhaps they'll play the new and old songs, perhaps they won't.  We'll just need to be there to find out.
Not to mention the other amazing bands that have already signed up for Hits & Pits 2.0 including Boysetsfire, No Fun At All, Jughead's Revenge & Off With Their Heads plus one more headliner to come.  It's certainly shaping up to be a huge November.


For the first time, in a long and legendary history, BLACK FLAG will visit Australian shores as part of Hits & Pits 2.0 this November.  No other band stands as iconic as the band from Hermosa Beach, California. Formed in 1976 at a time when, in the US, there was no path laid by any band before them, BLACK FLAG carved their own story, their own scene and inevitably lead the way for the multitudes of bands that would come after them.  But with none matching the level of attitude and influence BLACK FLAG would leave behind.

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