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Illusive Presents


8:00pm, Mon 20 August, 2018
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In celebration of the release of his debut EP, Illusive Presents is thrilled to announce Aussie hip hop legend Esoterik will take the stage this August to bring My Astral Plane to life in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Tickets on sale Wednesday 11 July.

Documenting his journey of touring and partying to self discovery, My Astral Plane EP reflects Esoterik's battle with addiction when faced with the truth while performing for Australian troops in alcohol-free Afghani bases. Confronting his demons and continuing with sobriety during his hip hop powerhouse trio Bliss n Eso's canadian tour, Esoterik (AKA Eso) was ushered in and out of hospitals on drips in between shows.

From the four-year long healing process Esoterik has resurrected a new man, marrying the love of his life and now blessed with a baby boy. Thriving through his creativity, Esoterik has delivered nine distinctive tracks on My Astral Plane EP united by the impassioned drive to escape our mundane lives and find that blissful moment of freedom.

"The brutal earnestness of the final lines of 'Wide Awake' are a glorious, optimistic way to close this EP, which is sprinkled with fairy dust." - The Music

"My Astral Plane is a blisteringly beautiful EP that gives every single track a place of its own in sharing Esoterik's story of rebirth." - Amnplify

Esoterik's soulful rap infused with subtle reggae on 'Stay Fly' highlights the clarity of his debut solo project. Flexing his lyrical dexterity, Esoterik emphasizes his fresh, definite state of mind; 'I'll turn a negative comment into a compliment' whilst blended with visceral beats that transform the song to an ice cold 80s breakdance track.

Fluttering piano dances over the hypnotic beat of all-positive 'Bless Up', the uplifting clarity of tropical, summer-esq 'Be Like You (x James Crooks feat. ASTA)' and the raw, progressive 'Wide Awake (feat. imbi the girl & Spazzy D)' along with 'Stay Fly' only make parts of the invigorating kaleidoscope that is My Astral Plane EP.

Playing the entire EP in full, fans are encouraged to act quickly in securing their tickets to Esoterik's My Astral Plane headline shows this Augusts. Esoterik's trademark high energy and off-the-wall intensity has only amplified with his new found clarity - don't miss out on a night with this Aussie rapper and his intoxicating vigor.