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Country Witches Association - Áine Tyrrell & Mandy Nolan

The Harbour Agency presents

Country Witches Association - Áine Tyrrell & Mandy Nolan

8:00pm, Fri 15 December, 2023
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‘If you’re not doing something the church would have burnt you for 400 years ago then you’re just not witching properly…or enough…or at all!’


Pick up your brooms and set your witchy intentions for 2024 with us in Mullumbimby on FRI 15 DEC for Country Witches Associaton. There is no finer place to do it than with your Country Witches: Comedian Mandy Nolan and Singer/Songwriter Áine Tyrrell. 

The CWA is the satirical and inspired work of Nolan and Tyrrell who call in a super charged gathering: from the rabble rousers to the tree hugging activists, the wild women, the wise women, the boundary breakers and the menopausal cranky pants. This is a show for women who feel unheard, who are angry, who want to see change. This is a show for women who are going to make trouble.

Mandy Nolan is a stand up comedian who took her passion for change to the polls this year when she stepped into the political arena to push for change. Áine Tyrrell is a singer/songwriter who uses her craft to give voice to the uncomfortable. An Irishwoman who stands strong against the mindset of the colony, she is a passionate ally for First Nation justice, with her own lived experience at the forefront of her truth telling. On their own Nolan and Tyrrell are a force to be reckoned with, together, they are formidable. Together they are The Country Witches, an unlikely collaboration that speaks deeply to their shared values and the tribe of women who find comfort in their call.

This genre blending duo that is joined by Arianna Bosi on projectors and a site mapping who brings these genres together by bathing the room in imagery and idea. She brings an ephemeral and intimate scale to the Witches stages from small halls to theatres. Both humorous and emotive this 3rd Witch envelopes the founding Witches and their coven within the tales as they unfold.

The Country Witches Association was born out of a desire to tumble conversation, community and outrage together in one big creative cauldron. It was a desire to harness the mood of the moment with both tenderness and contempt. To say hard things, and outrageous things, and kind things, and stupid things, all in one show.
It’s the grassroots feminist yowl..it’s the witches howl.