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7:00pm, Sun 4 March, 2018

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Le1f - (USA):

In a world full of rappers claiming to be one of a kind, Le1f (born Khalif Diouf) is a real deal original, a fascinatingly complicated personality full of seeming contractions. He's a Manhattan native who studied ballet and modern dance, and eventually earning a degree in dance from Wesleyan before returning to the city to become a rapper. He's an out and proud gay MC whose style is rooted in Tunnel bangers from a less socially enlightened era of hip-hop. He's a producer who's responsible for the beat behind Das Racist's "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell".

Le1f became a key figure in a subset of openly gay NYC rappers, gaining exposure for their refreshing contributions to hip-hop that grew out of the early-'90s drag and ball culture. An early single first leaked online in early 2012, and debut mixtape Dark York followed in April of 2012 Le1f continued to make an impression as a much-buzzed-about artist and in 2013, released two mixtapes (Fly Zone and Tree House), before dropping his Hey EP in early 2014. Riding on the success of his underground hit "Wut," Le1f further expanded his fan-base by touring Asia, Australasia, and Europe.

Over a year later, he released his debut full-length, the confident, abrasive 'Riot Boi', which featured an impressive roster of production by Evian Christ, Blood Diamonds, Lunice, and Sophie, as well as guest spots by fellow rappers Junglepussy, House of Ladosha, Devonte Hynes (aka Blood Orange), and his mother, opera singer Miss Geri. Having spent time off since this record to work on new music and a virtual reality film with indigenous Australian artists, collaborations with Lunice, Teengirl Fantasy and Vic Mensa & Halsey have blessed our ears. Le1f's muscular, hyperarticulate flow handily disposes of any misconceptions that he's anything less than than a legitimate rapper. The cool thing about this story is that since we've never heard it before we don't know how it's going to end.

FAKA - (South Africa):

A cultural movement established by Fela Gucci and Desire Marea, has come to represent more than the "performance art duo" descriptor that has defined the collective since their inception in 2015.

The artists explore a combination of mediums ranging from sound, live performance, literature, video and photography, to create an eclectic aesthetic with which they express their ideas about themes central to their experience as black queer bodies navigating the cis-hetero-topia of post-colonial Africa.

The collective debuted at the BubblegumClubbb Nights held at the Hazard Gallery in 2015, where they presented "#Wait Lorraine: A Wemmer Pan-African Introduction to Siyakaka Feminism". In the same year, they released their popular ode to Brenda Fassie, a video piece titled "From A Distance". The following year (2016) was defined by the duo's release of the Bottoms Revenge EP, a collection of Ancestral Gqom-Gospel sounds, as well as a much-talked-about live installation of "The Factory" at Stevenson Gallery's SEX show.

Their hybridised mode of practice and challenging subject matter as artists has lead them to being invited to perform at various international festivals - such as the 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (2016); Unsound Festival Poland (2016); and Vienna Festival (2017) amongst many others and this international appeal is rooted in the duo's unapologetic representation of Black Queer Culture in South Africa, one that embraces the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and spirituality.

Supported by Melbourne's own queer musical icon: YVON
Hosted by the rising comedy drag superstar from Po Po Mo Co: Precious Cargo

With: DJ Butch Le Butch

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