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Civilians, Elliot The Bull, Gang Of Youths and Love Parade

Civilians, Elliot The Bull, Gang Of Youths and Love Parade

8:00pm, Sat 13 April, 2013
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CIVILIANS During 2012 a co-op of like minded folk started making music together with the purpose of making positive, soulful sounds with a community approach.

They wanted to make music that made those on the fringe feel like they were a part of something much more. Civilians embraced the idea of trading tapes and tunes to create songs that were as eclectic as the communities from which they come from and have since been likened to such bands as. Wilco, Arcade Fire, The Band and My Morning Jacket.



Elliot The Bull formed on the foundations of strong friendships, and musical diversity. Their sound is an honest reflection of each individual member's musical influences and creates a unique and eclectic harmony within their music. The four piece from the Central Coast of NSW are indeed, the result of a melting pot of muses. As one live reviewer eloquently put it; "It was hard to succinctly pinpoint the group's sound, but elements of folk, rockabilly, punk/hardcore and indie pop all came together to create a pleasurable sound."



Gang of youths emerged out of the imagination of five hungry and desperate young bros in furious pursuit of absolution; to flee the pedestrian life -- like gypsies from the spanish inquisition. Formed in the inner city of Sydney, GOY'S raucous energy and anthemic sound has garnered considerable hype amongst absolutely nobody.



Love Parade formed in the small surfing town of Newcastle but soon relocated to the congested nest of Sydney. They bend books 'til the spines are damaged and put records on top of other records on the turntable. They don't give a fuck. Scratched CDs? No doubt. Love Parade have been compared to Big Country, early Bowie, The Sunnyboys, The Modern Lovers and a number of other bands that bore no impact on the formation of the band's sound. They think they sound like Teenage Fanclub, although they sound closer to Tinted Windows.