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Anthony Locascio - Pappou

Anthony Locascio - Pappou

8:45pm, Wed 8 May, 2024
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Anthony Locascio’s Pappou (grandfather) immigrated to Australia from Greece in the 1950’s, ferried over to become the top goalkeeper in Australian soccer.

This dream came to an abrupt end when Pappou’s fist had a chance encounter with a referree’s head.

Being a man was different back then.

In 2024, his grandson’s dream of being a stand-up comedian hangs in the balance, as he contends with the challenges of a modern man; staying off the vapes, raising kittens, and defeating the corruption of world football from the safety of a podcast microphone.

In his 2024 show, Australia’s king of post-ethnic comedy returns with a show juxtaposing these two men, to determine whether Anthony is carrying on Pappou’s legacy by chasing his dream, or if he just should’ve become a doctor like his grandfather always wanted.