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Yours Truly w/ Brooklyn Comic

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Yours Truly w/ Brooklyn Comic

7:30pm, Thu 30 November, 2023
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Australia’s Yours Truly are a must-watch in the current alternative scene. Huge international touring  credits, media and radio trailblazing and a burgeoning brood of fans are just some of the successes  that back this band, but it’s the knack for punchy songwriting and performance deep in their DNA that  makes them really tick. 

From their hometown in Sydney, Yours Truly first broke out with their 2019 EP ‘Afterglow’ (hear its  standout singles ‘Circles’ and ‘High Hopes’) and went on to spend the rest of the year gracing stages  including Download UK, Riot Fest and Good Things and supporting rock heroes including Sum 41  and State Champs on their international quests. In 2020 the band followed with their full-length ‘Self  Care’, which saw the band awarded a laundry list of accolades including triple j’s Feature Album and  Tone Deaf’s Record Of The Week, alongside band nominations for Rolling Stone’s ‘Best New Artist’  and ‘Best International Breakthrough Band’ at the UK Heavy Awards. 

2021 found the group stepping into a new era with the arrival of their urgent, pulsing and frustration filled new single ‘Walk Over My Grave’. The track explores the ghosts that get left behind when a  close relationship abruptly leaves your life, and the wonderment as to whether you haunt their life too. 

Yours Truly’s 2022 EP ‘is this what i look like?’ marked the start of that new chapter. Inspired by the  music they listen to now (Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975, Bloc Party and Head Automatica) rather  than what they grew up on, the seven tracks see the band scatter in every direction. There’s the  electro-thrash of ‘Lights On’, the aching alt-rock swagger of ‘Walk Over My Grave’ and the fearless  pop stomp of ‘If You’re Drowning (I’ll Learn How To Hold My Breath)’. From working with their  childhood heroes, through the vulnerability of Delgado’s lyrics to the musical evolution on each and  every track, ‘is this what i look like?’ is an incredibly ambitious record.  

Possessing a power and poise few young bands can claim to grasp, it’s this vision and resolve that  will see Yours Truly take the world over. 

Yours Truly is 

Mikaila Delgado / Vocals 

Teddie Winder-Haron / Guitar 

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