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Vikaye, Leticia, Jun Parker, Melody Kin, Pal Mar and Suzie So Blue

The Boite presents So Fresh, So Cool

Vikaye, Leticia, Jun Parker, Melody Kin, Pal Mar and Suzie So Blue

1:00pm, Sun 10 March, 2024
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Emerging culturally diverse artists in Naarm come together for one afternoon of music in an eclectic mix of styles from soul, R&B, neo-soul, indie-pop, Japanese city-pop, dark folk and country. It’s fresh, it’s cool…it’s just what we needed! These artists who are making waves across Naarm, have been brought together through The Boite’s music program, The Portfolio Project.

Artist Bios:

Vikaye, the rising star of soul and R&B, igniting stages across Naarm with her mesmerizing performances. In just two short years, she's become a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and magnetic presence. Hailing from the vibrant roots of Zimbabwe, Vikaye's musical journey began in the heart of her home, where she first belted out hymns at family gatherings. Fast forward to today, and she's not just making waves performing her original music, she's taking center stage in musical theater shows such as Sylvia in 'All Shook Up' and embodying the spirit of Little Eva in 'Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.'. 

Leticia is an up and coming indie folk-pop singer-songwriter who has a deep passion for lyric interpretation and finding creative ways of telling thought provoking stories. Leticia’s hope is to deliver powerful emotive messages that resonate deeply with listeners. Leticia’s voice is renowned for her rich tonal palette, allowing her to navigate effortlessly between delicate, lilting melodies and more powerful, resonant expressions from the likes of Lizzy McAlpine. 

Jun Parker Taking inspiration from City Pop and Retro Tokyo sounds, Jun creates bilingual intercultural music that is groovy, yet melancholic, and funky, yet nostalgic. Fusing elements of pop, jazz, fusion, folk, funk, R&B and bossanova, he creates his distinctive sound from a rural costal outpost in Victoria. Infusing elements of Japanese 70's and 80's City Pop vibe and sentimentalities, his lyrical world of love, philosophy and dreamscapes elevates the listeners to a whole new universe. Jun brings urban-style 'City Pop' soundscapes to collide with his sense of Australian rusticality, uniquely derived from his life experience of having lived half of his life in urban Tokyo and the other half in rural Australia. C'mon and enter his world of Funky Nostalgia.

Melody Kin writes jazz-infused neo-soul melodies that ooze a sense of cosy wholeness while her lyrics invite her audience to embrace their own inner power. Her sound embodies the feeling of a warm hug and an inspired pep talk from your bestie, leaving you soothed and ready to celebrate your own self-worth. 

Suzie So Blue, a captivating musical force, seamlessly melds the soulful depths of blues with the rustic charm of country, creating a hypnotic and spellbinding sonic experience. Her unique tenor guitar style, characterised by its mesmerising melodies, adds an enchanting layer to her music that resonates deeply with listeners. As an artist, Suzie So Blue thrives on pushing boundaries and defying genre constraints. Her music evokes a timeless and evocative quality, taking listeners on a journey through the heart of American roots music. Suzie So Blue is a storyteller and musical alchemist, who carries the essence of blues into the expansive landscape of country, weaving a unique musical tapestry.

Pal Mar expertly weaves together a diverse mix of stories and cultural influences, creating a vibrant tapestry of rhythms and genres. Drawing on their Colombian roots, Pal Mar’s original compositions and musical arrangements range from pop to Latin, bossa nova to tropical, showcasing the versatility of their language skills and cultural background.


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