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The Cactus Channel & Los Chavos

The Cactus Channel & Los Chavos

8:00pm, Thu 23 February, 2017

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Chemically speaking, the best way to speed up a reaction is to invite change and introduce an outside force: light, heat, movement. As The Cactus Channel know full well, the same goes with sound — introducing change compels a composition forward, as it rises, falls, peaks and boils.

As frenetic rhythms build only to fall away, and melodies loop, dive, and stutter, The Cactus Channel make music that both functions on and demands reaction. 2017 finds the band shape-shifting again, welcoming guest vocals from xxxxxxx (announcement coming soon) on the first release of what promises to be a big year.

Until recently, The Cactus Channel were easily introduced as integral members of the Soul music scene that quietly flourishes in Melbourne. Well-known for the kind of musicianship and compositional skills fundamental to making compelling instrumental music, The Cactus Channel are equal parts sharp and scruffy, at turns loose and languid, then electric and rhythmic. 

Catch The Cactus Channel's new alt-soul sound with support from Los Chavos for one night in Canberra at Transit Bar.