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Sci Fight Christmas special: Santa Claus is real.

Sci Fight Christmas special: Santa Claus is real.

7:00pm, Thu 12 December, 2019

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Sci fight is a quarterly Science Comedy Debate where scientists and comedians come together to debate serious issues in a ridiculous manner.

This round's topic: Santa Claus is real.

We all know him on a first-name basis. This man, with an unorthodox method of entering your living abode and leaving again based on your yearly performance, is a household name and routinely escapes arrest.

He must be real. I mean you can track him on google maps on December 24. I mean you can't be this famous and not exist! Next you'll be questioning the existence of God! Or George Clooney!

Yet some serious questions have arisen about this particular individual's practices. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good. I mean Santa Claus has a surveillance system that puts the NSA to shame. Who has Santa paid off to get around international privacy protocols? Not to mention Customs. Is Santa in the pocket of Big Bauble?

Questions have been raised about the laws of physics Santa flagrantly violates in order to complete his deliveries on Christmas eve. With the sophisticated transport technology at Santa's disposal humanity could achieve incredible things; like distributing ebola medications to remote communities in crisis, as much as spoiled 8 year-olds in Florida need a second Pikachu pez dispenser.

Come grab a bite and a beverage at the Howler as we take a forensic approach to analyzing the Christmas spirit.