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SaMe THeRaPY // Trillion // Twinkling Stars

Tuff Palace & The Servo presents

SaMe THeRaPY // Trillion // Twinkling Stars

6:00pm, Sat 28 May, 2022
The Servo, NSW

Event Details

Humbletone Mini-Festival ‘22

SaMe THeRaPY wants you to alternately join in the gritty fuzz of modern living and the

pursuit of melancholic beauty. Their input and output is post 60s, post post punk, but pre-

neo-no-wave / shoegaze. Wise enough to know better but dumb enough to do it anyway.

Trillion bring the unabashed shoegaze and the unabashed Love. Love of the beautiful

noise. Love of offset guitars. Love of pedals. Love of driving beats and booming bass. Stare

down and sway! Front row standing and ear plugs are recommended.

Twinkling Stars regale you with their mixture of grunge, alt-country, jangle pop, drone,

free jazz, and spoken word. Whether your beverage is a red wine, a coffee, or an IPA,

Twinkling Stars are the perfect accompanying dish.

SaMe THeRaPY has been kicking around for a long time now, so long that we can’t even

remember how many Humbletones we’ve put on in the 21st century. 7? 9? This is the

twenty twenty two version of the mini-festival that we’ve sporadically put on that

celebrates art, noise pop, and the ideal of a local indie songwriting band.

This session echoes a wildly enjoyable triple-headline we had in Sydney early 2022 in

Newtown. And now these same like-minded artistes are bringing their beautiful noise to

the unbeatable Illawarra.