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9:00pm, Fri 15 March, 2013

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Astral People are proud to present the debut Sydney appearance of ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER.

Since 2006, Brooklyn-based Daniel Lopatin has been injecting raw unfiltered emotion in to the often sterile world of analog synth jams. While most exponents of the style release meandering, overly sentimental pieces, Lopatin's tracks are resonant and absorbing, riding on a taut sense of tension and melancholy. He has managed to tear the analog synth, especially the humble Roland Juno 60, out of the cheesy haze of 80's nostalgia and make these sounds feel relevant and meaningful to the modern age. Arpeggios and drones have never felt so vital and close to the bone.

Honing his craft in his native Massachusetts hometown just outside of Boston before relocating to the lofts and brownstones of Brooklyn, Lopatin revealed his first album 'Betrayed In The Octagon' on cassette in 2007. Initially released on Deception Island, the release was picked up and pressed to vinyl by noise exponents No Fun Productions, introducing the world to Loptain's ubiquitous arpeggios and cracked up tape hiss. Russian Mind followed; the album was centred on the theme of a retired Russian cosmonaut lying in a hospital bed imagining the score to an imaginary film. Landing somewhere between Kosmiche chug and Emeralds-esque experimentation, Russian Mind upped Lopatin's emotional pull, coming across as genuinely sad and misty eyed. 2009's Zones Without People featured seven tracks that appeared on the Rifts compilation (which topped the Wire's end of year lists) and catapulted Lopatin in to the international consciousness. The follow-up Returnal landed him on the legendary Editions Mego label, catalysing rave reviews; Boomkat went so far to say that Lopatin "triggers that un-nameable particle phiz that nobody has been able to explain, and hopefully never will". The last couple of years has seen the Oneohtrix name reach critical mass: his Replica album received Pitchfork's Best New Music tag and his 2012 collaboration with legendary noise sculptor Tim Hecker reached new heights of creativity.

Complimenting Oneohtrix is the cream of Sydney's experimental electronic scene is veteran sound mangler PIMMON - perhaps Sydney's most respected electronic artist; with almost 20 releases to his name, his abstract digital landscapes will be testing the limits of listener's ears and the club's sound system. THOMAS WILLIAM is fresh off having his Deccan Technicolour album remixed by the likes of Dro Carey and Galapagoose. His sonic signature is coloured by a plethora of world music source's, tempered with a mastery of digital manipulation. GARDLAND will be closing the night with a more beat orientated take on analog explorations, employing a battery of live gear to fuel their entirely unplanned improvised sets. ASTRAL DJ's will be playing eclectic selections all night, digging deep in to the crate in search of the finest cuts.