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MDFF : Docs After Dark: Churchroad / Roarhouse


MDFF : Docs After Dark: Churchroad / Roarhouse

10:30pm, Sun 10 July, 2016
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Churchroad (54 mins)

Club church is a subculture within Amsterdam nightlife. This cruise club offering freedom, unprecedented sex and apparent absence of judgement has the film director constantly pushing his own personal boundaries, bringing out a side of him he didn't know existed. Is it healthy and can he deal with the freedom? In this personal documentary the maker explores what Club chUrch means to him, while his late great-uncle, who was also gay, seems to watch over his every move. Robin Vogel bares all in a film about sexual identity, non-monogamy and bridging different worlds.


Roarhouse (22 mins)

Where's our sense of collective spirit? Roarhouse, Melbourne's notorious, multi-faceted not-for-profit arts platform, stands on trial for changing people's lives. Featuring current and former Roarhouse artists and volunteers, this story is about integrity, radical inclusion and the power of the collective as it collides with The State.