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Lvl 1 - The Union Road End of Year Live Show

Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar

Lvl 1 - The Union Road End of Year Live Show

5:00pm, Sun 10 December, 2023
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Folk, rock, and opera

The Local Department of planning has run out of names, there’s 27 Union Roads and more built every day.

Embark on a captivating odyssey with Fool as they skillfully navigate the intricate landscapes of "Union Road." This hauntingly beautiful world comes to life in a live performance that boldly transcends the conventional boundaries of folk, rock, and opera. Brace yourself for a transformative musical journey through the heart of "Union Road," a three-act concept album that intricately explores the lives of those dwelling on the fringes of Sydney's western suburbs, each striving to break free from the confines of their existence along Union Road.

Immerse yourself in this interconnected musical experience that promises to transport you into the struggles, aspirations, and emotions of Union Road's inhabitants. For the first time ever, Fool is poised to unveil Act 3 of "Union Road" at Lazy Bones during their highly anticipated end-of-year live show. This exclusive presentation not only continues the gripping narrative of Union Road but also offers a tantalising glimpse into the band's creative vision for the upcoming year.

Don't miss your golden opportunity to witness Fool's mesmerising performance of Union Road Acts 1, 2, and the highly anticipated Act 3 in their sensational end-of-year live show. Secure your spot for an unforgettable evening, as Fool invites you to join them on a musical exploration down the evocative path of Union Road.

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