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Lvl 1 - Fabulous Contraption + Recalibrate + The Valentitanic Trio

Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar

Lvl 1 - Fabulous Contraption + Recalibrate + The Valentitanic Trio

7:00pm, Thu 14 March, 2024
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Prog-a-dub-dub! Genre-bending auditory spectacle

A living, breathing machine constructed from modern jazz, experimental metal and progressive rock. Their music moves from slick and streamlined to primordial chaos, from calmly hypnotic grooves to frenetic punk chaos. You’ll hear soaring solos, open-structured improvisations, intricate synthesiser and guitar lines, dirty grooves, and all manner of metric mayhem.

With a new line-up, Recalibrate are full of energy, ready to deliver their unique positive prog dub core vibes with full force and big smiles! Bandmates Jochen, Alex, and Andrew draw on a wealth of experience gained in their other bands Hinterlandt, Meniscus, Hashshashin and more, to deliver a tight and exhilarating package of infectiously positive energy.

This neat trio wot has four people in it because the man can’t tell us how many people equals a trio called The Valentitanic Trio with Josh, Mike, Alia and Tim, and boy howdy do they make some weird music! It’s kind of what they think jazz should be. A music without boundaries like time and pitch.

7pm Doors/Restaurant  🍷 🥘 
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