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LABRATS presents: Labyrinth Express

The Lab

LABRATS presents: Labyrinth Express

6:30pm, Sat 4 November, 2023
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Tickets please! Enter a free-flowing, immersive experience as you step off the platform and onto our train. Hold onto your hats and suitcases as the Labyrinth Express blasts through warp-speed to an unknown destination on a journey through time, dystopia, wildlife, and mystery.

From deep inside the sporadically visionary minds of the Lab Rats, comes the Labyrinth Express. Hand your ticket to the conductor for inspection, step onto the train and travel up to warp-speed. Hold onto your hats, and don’t dawdle in finding your seats, for this mystifying journey through space, time, and the dystopian wilderness inbetween shall rocket you through destinations known and unknown, hazy and clear, real and pretend.

The Lab Rats have been hard at work to present audiences with their next mystifying, fascinating, and perhaps slightly perplexing performative showcase . Featuring movement performances, spoken word pieces, crafty visuals and ambient soundscapes. Don’t be alarmed, the conductor awaits!