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Julio Bashmore (3 hrs) and Ara Koufax (3 hrs)


Julio Bashmore (3 hrs) and Ara Koufax (3 hrs)

10:00pm, Mon 25 January, 2016

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Not much needs to be said about this event except this:

Julio Bashmore (3 hours)

It might seem counterintuitive for a producer to detach themselves from one of the planet's most thriving music scenes, but in the case of Julio Bashmore, that's exactly what he did growing up in bass music hotbed, Bristol. You see, Julio's first love is house music. And operating just on the peripheries of the city's scene has allowed him to quietly cultivate a take on the genre unlike any other.

Ara Koufax (3 hours)

Ara Koufax: it's two producers driving to a beach house in the middle of winter to distill a bleak climate into something warmer. Though Melbourne artists Sam Gill and Luke Neher have worked together in the past as Naysayer & Gilsun, Ara Koufax is new territory; a collection of material covered in a layer of dust ready to be blown off.