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Genesis Owusu 'Sideways' tour

Ourness Records, Select Music

Genesis Owusu 'Sideways' tour

8:00pm, Sat 28 October, 2017
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Good news, everyone! Following a huge month, your boy Genesis Owusu has been unleashed! He's touring down under with three very special performances guaranteed to blow your socks off whilst leaving your shoes safely on. Magic! But would you expect any less from the 19-year-old musical wunderkind whose goddamn catchy and very idiosyncratic take on hip-hop has impressed men, women and all variations on the above of all ages since he first burst onto the scene as a Top Five finalist in the Triple J Unearthed High competition at age 17.

Here's a handy list of Genesis' most recent accomplishments that should impress-a-you much:

- Genesis' music was added to full rotation on the finest radio station down under: Triple J. Nice!

- His new song 'Sideways' appeared on veteran music journalist Richard Kingsmill's 2017 show. But the name-dropping doesn't stop there: that song was produced Grammy-nominated musicians Simon Mavin and Perrin Moss from Hiatus Kaiyote. You might have heard of them thanks to their work with hip-hop behemoths Kendrick and Drake.

- He's been recognized by a range of local and international media: Vice's Noisy, DJ Booth, Okay Player, Speaker TV, Mystic Sons, Oyster, i-D Magazine, Thank Guard, FBi Radio, and many many more.

Where can you catch Genesis? Besides everywhere with good taste on radio and the internet, Genesis can be found at the following locations on these particular dates.

Remember: if you don't know Genesis' earlier stuff, how are you ever gonna say "I liked his earlier stuff" when he's totally sold out and is winning Grammy's with the frequency that your partner wins small battles with you each day?