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Ethos Collective

Ethos Collective

8:00pm, Sat 24 February, 2024
HABA, VIC accessibility-icon
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Ethos Collective are a crew of dedicated individuals joining forces bringing a Bass Heavy vibe to the dance.

Ethos Collective are a crew of dedicated individuals joining forces bringing a Bass Heavy vibe to the dance, a passionate bunch of like minded DJ’s, producers and MCs who have a yearning to destroy Babylon and their wicked ways through music, art and activism. Mixing everything thing from Drum n Bass, Jungle, Deep Dubstep, Dub, Reggae, Hip Hop, Breaks, Garage and Techno.

Dense One:
Heavy bass, rolling rhythm sections.. from Drum & Bass through Dub/Dubstep roots, to glitched out funk stomping bass music. Diverse, experimental and straight from the heart and soul. Dense One aka [Skwid] is out from the cave in the mountains and back to rock steady.

Simbie is a Melbourne based DJ with an affinity for low end frequencies and the intricacies of duality - influenced from a decade spent in Sydney’s warehouse scene. Gravitating toward footwork, jungle, dubstep and drum & bass, her sonic frameworks range from hypnotic basslines and atmospheric blends to embracing the chaotic energy of frantic breakbeats and euphoric bass cuts. Representing crews such as Proxemics, Uncomfortable Beats, Twisted Audio, Run It Red and Virus Sound System, Simbie has featured on line ups with Digital, Skeptical, Friction and has supported Calculon in both Melbourne and Okinawa.

Sharki, a local selector who slams huge DnB tracks that go down like a cold bev on a 40 degree day. Baskin’ you in PHAT beats, she'll take you on a sound journey of great white proportions; hooking you with the finest tunas. Catch her if you can, you don't want this gig to be the one that got away

Dustywingz was born from the minds of young fairies in order to stand in solidarity with the free thinkers and wild ones to build a resistance against Babylon and the evil money collectors. Dustywingz mixes a wide variety of genres from Deep Dubstep, DnB, Dub, Reggae Psy-dub and beyond. Co-founder and creator of Ethos Collective his passion for music started from an early age. Dustywingz has played on some of Australia’s biggest hand built custom sound systems such as Virus Sound System and System Unknown Sound.
Dustywingz has had the opportunity to play at at Sub-Terra festival, Tanglewood festival , Breaching the peace 1&2, Ethos Collective, Bay 2 Bay dubs and many other parties. Catch him behind the decks or in the field skankin the dusty of those wingz.

G.C. Has been around the scene for along time, he slays in on the decks mixing, Jungle, DnB, breakbeats, 140, garage and everything in between. Also a co-founder and creator of Ethos Collective he will bring a vibe.

MC Maniki:
MC Manaki 's passion for the mic ignited in the '90s London scene, leaving a mark on pirate radio stations like Rude Awakening & Time FM & events like Epidemik. Relocating to Melbourne in 2005 and rekindling his MC career in 2021, he's since supported international acts across Australia like Basstripper, T>I & Sola in Perth to name but a few, and is gearing up for his first music release with Conrad Subs in a few weeks. A fixture at Echo Chamber's Run It Red nights, and having recently performed on sounds such as Adrians Wall, Virus, Sub Yard Sound and Heartical Hi-Powa, Manaki's dynamic presence and community spirit continues to energize the dance. I won’t finish when I’m tired I’ll finish when I’m done!!

MC La Roche:
La Roche brings it with freestyle lyricism, growing up in London amongst the 90s DnB/jungle scene he has learnt a thing or two about crowd engagement and staunch storytelling.