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DYLAN JOEL – ‘Authentic Lemonade’ Album Tour

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DYLAN JOEL – ‘Authentic Lemonade’ Album Tour

8:00pm, Fri 13 November, 2015

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Australian musician Dylan Joel is unlike most other Hip-Hop artists, standing out from the crowd with his exceptional singing voice, clever wordplay, socially aware lyrical content, that when combined, form a very unique take on Hip-Hop.

Two years in the making, Dylan's debut album 'Authentic Lemonade' showcases his musical dexterity, taking on the role as co-producer for the record alongside Aria award winning producer Cam Bluff (Hilltop Hoods, Illy, Allday). Featuring an impressive list of collaborations, album guests include Australian Hip-Hop royalty Mantra and DJ Izm (Bliss N Eso), plus Dylan has enlisted some of the best session musicians in the business, with New York horn player/arranger Igmar Thomas (John Legend, Macy Gray, Bilal, Robert Glasper) and drummer Tim Coghill (best known for his work on Matt Corby's smash hit "Brother").

An exceptionally tailored poet, Dylan's 'Authentic Lemonade' shares with the audience, a candid and deeply personal journey of his life. This 'no holes barred' approach taken includes a revitalized outlook about break-ups on "Dear Baby" with the track "Numbers" highlighting the negative impact social media often has
on the music industry. Further proof of Dylan's lyrical sincerity can be heard in "Ain't You" as he offers up his own experiences surrounding the struggles of feeling the need to fit a mold and the expectations to follow the patterns of different cliques. Dylan's poignant approach to his lyrics are transferred throughout the record, finding a perfect balance with tracks such as "I Am" that speaks of his passion for human equality and individuality, and through "Hope Is" with the message of promoting positive change within society. His dedication towards others is complimented by observing the gratitude he has for friends and family, heard in "Crew" and for the fortunate hand in life that so many people have been dealt in the LP's final track "What's Good".

Gifted with an effortless ability to jump from double-time raps to spoken word through to vocal harmonies, Dylan also incorporates an impressive list of instrumental skills into his work and live performances. Performing with a live drummer and bass guitarist or just by himself on an acoustic guitar, Dylan's unique combination of musical abilities have seen the talented wordsmithcrossing the country, supporting international acts Pharoahe Monch and Hopsin, as well as iconic Australian Hip-Hop stars Bliss n Eso and Illy on their national tours. Overseas, Dylan has performed a selection of international events, most notably selling out his intimate headline show in Toronto Canada, plus numerous Aussie festivals including Pyramid Rock and St. Kilda Festival.

From an early age, it was obvious that Dylan would always walk his own path. His love of music saw him drawn to the guitar, and later exploring singing through his involvement at church. It wasn't until high school, however, that Dylan was introduced to the art of rhyming. By fusing his love of rhythm guitar, gospel and soul music, Dylan found an instant affinity with this distinctive form of poetry. It was at this point that Dylan began crafting his own unique blend of all these musical styles around Hip-Hop, to create his own sound, with his own message.

Without doubt, Dylan's ongoing quest to "help people" resonates in everything he does. After landing his first job as a lifeguard and youth work volunteer, Dylan progressed to spending time mentoring teens, helping run young adult programs and facilitating mental health workshops at high schools around the state - all the while anxiously awaiting approval from the Melbourne Fire Brigade to become a firefighter. When the MFB's approval letter finally arrived, Dylan was forced to decide between his want to become a fire fighter and passion to pursue his music career. Although he has now scarified the dream of becoming part of the MFB, Dylan's dedication has persevered; establishing the use of music as his vehicle to promote positive change. The support from Dylan and his music continue to assist his community and encourage young people to stay true to who they are, and what theybelieve and stand for.

With the release of 'Authentic Lemonade', Dylan and the music he makes effortlessly blend the sounds of Hip-Hop, Gospel and Soul. His passion for musical quality, combined with realistic and heartfelt lyrics, is confirmation to listeners just how diverse and talented he is. Poised and ready for greatness, Dylan Joel is making sure the label of him being 'just a rapper' is well and truly put to bed.