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CROCODYLUS "Muscle Memory" Album Launch

Cult Artists Presents

CROCODYLUS "Muscle Memory" Album Launch

9:00pm, Sat 11 February, 2023
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Birth in a shack. High up in the mountains, manual labour to fuel the fire against the harsh elements, no signal. 

Isolation was welcome. 

August 2020: only armed with each other's company, creative intuition, and a jury rigged recording setup; the three friends spend a week writing the skeletal foundation that would come to be 'MUSCLE MEMORY'.

Fast forward a year later, The Grove Studios: on the crescent knife edge of yet another lockdown, leaving the studio was an impossibility. Under the production guidance of longtime friend, creative idol, and historical collaborator: Jake "Pencil" Voroshine. As well as master button pusher, sound chaser, engineering extraordinaire Jack Nigro, the team got to work putting 'MUSCLE MEMORY' to tape.

The title personally derives from the sinking realisation that the 100 shows per year had eventually been smashed down to 0 and building it all up to it's former glory would be a hard slog. Hopefully we would have retained muscle memory deep in our bodies to aid us through the trying times ahead. 

14 tracks. A flow can be felt throughout the record, earnest beginnings start to peel away piece by piece and by the time you're in the guts of the record, you feel like you're trapped in the belly of a hulking beast, a juggernaut; Monstro the whale, a kaiju. The depths ease away to a pastoral pastiche of gratitude and forlorn beauty. Ending in calm, simple goodbye.