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CHIWOWWAH City fest. Stavroz live + Husa & Zeyada live


CHIWOWWAH City fest. Stavroz live + Husa & Zeyada live

9:00pm, Fri 1 March, 2024
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Direct from Chi Wow Wah town festival, Husa & Zeyada bring their indie-rock dance electronica sound to Brunswick for the first time

VISION HOUND presents Stavroz plus Husa & Zeyada live

STAVROZ - Live (Belgium)

The electrifying 4 piece band Stavroz will be making their Queensland debut !!

Hailing from the land of compromise in the heart of Europe, the four friends of Stavroz found each other in the east of Flanders. In its inception, IJsbrand De Wilde & Gert Beazar focussed mainly on playing DJ sets and creating music in which they loved colliding worlds. Only a few years later they hooked up with Maxim Helincks & Pieter De Meester to expand their DJ activities to a performing band and continued to try and find an unbeaten path in electronic music. This culminated in their delicately acoustic, organic and cinematic approach to electronic music. As a result they were awarded second place for “best producer” and “best breakthrough artist” in national awards for Belgium’s electronic scene.

Their intimate live performance grew more dramatic and their unique dj sets spread like wildfire as they started frequenting many international stages. Coachella (US), Fusion Festival (DE), Wonderfruit (THA), Pukkelpop (BE), Strawberry Fields (AUS), Tropico (MX), Three Points Festival (FL, USA) all fell victim to Stavroz’s unusual dramatic, melancholic yet determined approach.
The band was quickly invited by the acclaimed Youtube channel “Cercle” to perform a streaming concert at Fort Saint-Eynard in France where once again, they managed to create a wholesome, comforting soundtrack for a place, that no words can describe.

One of the hottest live acts on the planet right now will be making their Melbourne debut at Howler on Friday 1st of March.

What happens when you listen to the creative monsters under your skin?

Birthed from a subconsciousness and shaped by pressures and desires, Husa & Zeyada are listening intently and obeying their demands. 

With a sound that simmers towards indie-rock dance electronica, draped in English and Arabic lyrics, open for experimentation, the duo give center-stage to the more curious and peculiar parts of themselves.

Stavroz live
Husa & Zeyada live
Toby & Baksta
The Huntress