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Anomalous: A Digital Film Experience


Anomalous: A Digital Film Experience

4:00pm, Wed 20 March, 2024 - 9:00pm, Wed 26 June, 2024
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Set five minutes/years? in the future, Anomalous is a satire on the developing climate of artificial intelligence and the increasingly digital world we live in. Part visual art event, part narrative exploration, it’s a non-linear story that uses the dimensions of the space at The Light Room to create an immersive experience for the viewer. 

Using a variety of techniques and styles to produce an engaging range of exciting content, the project explores its themes in a dynamic, never boring journey designed to captivate an audience. Mixing 3d and 2d animation, storytelling devices like documentary, visual poems and experiential digital art, Anomalous is like a jigsaw of smaller snippets of story that present this world for the audience to piece together the larger story. 

A beguiling mix of visual beauty and satirical humour using sights and sounds to present a compellingly unique experience. Brought to you by Richard Coburn and Justin Astbury, Anomalous is a crafted performance akin to digital theatre that needs to be experienced in the space it’s designed for. Over 10,000 pixels wide, Anomalous is an exciting experiment in contemporary filmmaking. 

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