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AGONY 'Forever Light' EP Launch

Niche Productions

AGONY 'Forever Light' EP Launch

8:00pm, Sat 2 March, 2024
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Following up their debut release, AGONY is celebrating the release of their second EP 'FOREVER LIGHT'.

FOREVER LIGHT' is AGONY's second EP, following up from their debut release 'WHEN I'M WITH U', which saw sold out shows in Eora & Naarm, and a SMAC award nomination for best song. FOREVER LIGHT is a celebration of energy, connection & passion. It's bleeding ecstasy, fireworks popping off stadium tops, crowds roar, goals scored. It feels like Totti's final game. But don't be mistaken, this won't be AGONY's final touch.

Joining AGONY is dance punk star California Girls (Gus McGrath) performing his legendary live set clashing noise, beautiful top line melodies and intricate sample blends together in an array of hard heavy beauty. Also joining the lineup is rave-queen Fever Break (Team Lotta Love CEO) & producer/DJ powerhouse DJ Atro (Slim Set). A night to live eternally in your memory.