Venue Details

505 is an artist run performance space which focusses on quality performance, engaging and nurturing community, and supporting original artists. Having run as an 'underground' space for the past five years, 2010 sees 505 move out from the shadows as it initiates an exciting new project on the Sydney landscape. Our new home/venue at 280 Cleveland St Surry Hills is music orientated and 100% performance focused. A space from which to support the local community of inner-city artists/musicians/performers, non-profit groups and audiences. It is our hope that this venue will become a stable home for not only 505 but a number of small arts organisations who have long been displaced into theatres, townhalls, churches and pubs. 505 has a very important place in the cultural landscape of Sydney presenting hundreds of performers a year to thousands of local audiences. It has become a landmark, been involved in Council amendments of laws and advised State Government on the needs of local artists and Sydney?s creative community. The City of Sydney has encouraged the development of creative precincts within the city, 505 sees itself as the much needed central hub within the creative village of Surry Hills. It was established in 2004 by Kerri Glasscock and Cameron Undy as an artist run performance/workshop space for sydney based musicians and theatrical performers. It was created as a meeting place for artists from two genres to see each others work and initiate collaborations. Our audience base of some 4500+ artists, local arts supporters and travelers has developed into one of the most dedicated, respectful and committed in Australia. 505 is committed to offering a performance focused venue which is not business driven but rather artist orientated, that said 505 has proven that an artist run space can be managed in a commercially viable and responsible manner. It is this mix of high artistic programming and firm management that has seen 505 become Sydney?s most respected and popular performance space, gain Council and Government support and a leading promoter of new Australian content.