Venue Details

The 126 year old Sandringham Hotel is centrally located at the southern end of busy King Street, Newtown. Newtown is characterised by high population density centralised around the King Street precinct. The majority of the population are upwardly mobile, inner city workers but there is also a high proportion of younger people including students. They tend to socialise mostly within the Newtown area, along the King Street “strip” which features a variety of entertainment venues including pubs and restaurants known by locals as “The Island”.

The Sandringham Hotel, or “The Sando” as it is affectionately known in the area, is somewhat of a Sydney icon. The hotel is renowned for it’s venue which for many years has played host to a wide variety of artists and bands both known and unknown. Within the music industry “The Sando” is recognised as a place where young bands can get a start and where established acts feel comfortable performing showcase and warmup gigs. The hotel has maintained this reputation which sets it apart from other hotels in the area.

In recent years, The Sandringham Hotel has undergone exstensive renovation which has included moving the main bar to a more workable location within the ground floor area and general modernisation of all the facilities. An adjoining double story shop has also been added so that in total the hotel facilities include main bar area, separate gaming area, pool table area, outdoor courtyard, modern kitchen and an upstairs entertainment venue.... shortly to be extended to 300 capacity....

The live entertainment focus has grown in the past twelve months with over 70 bands a month 7 nights a week and two afternoons, plus DJ's, Trivia, Poker and Pool Comps. In total, The Sandringham Hotel now offers it’s clientele a broader range of entertainment options in more modern surroundings and Newtown locals have embraced these changes and continue to pledge their loyalty to “The Sando”. In addition, the changes have attracted new customers both young and old...