Isobar Nightclub

Isobar Nightclub

Positioned on the magnificent Sullivans Cove, Isobar is the place to be for the young and happening in Hobart. In keeping true with Hobart's waterfront heritage, this establishment is a wonderful blend of the old and new with the historical stone walls now home to live DJ sets and Jagerbombs. Situated over two levels and containing a labyrinth of specialised rooms, Isobar submits patrons to two main dance floors and lounge areas as well as several smaller rooms that make it very easy to loose track of your friends... or that annoying drunk guy.

The main dance floor plays home to local and national DJ sets that mix and blend contemporary beats that keep you dancing all night. If you prefer to bop to the sounds of the 80's and 90's, the 'Red Room' dance floor offers tunes for those who are tired of the pump and flex of the main floor. The decor is basic but works well - marrying stainless steel with solid dividing walls, high ceilings, vinyl couches and sticky dance floors. This simplicity tends to focus the atmosphere toward what matters most at Iso; burning your throat with tequila, chasing it down with a beer and hitting one of the dance floors for an immoral time!

Outside on the lower floor is 'The Cage' - an outdoor area that is surrounded by a cage-like structure to keep you in and the unwashed masses out. This area is less than 25m from the harbour's waters and would be fantastic in summer relaxing with one of Isobars' cocktails which are (like all the drinks) priced within the bounds of acceptability. 'The Cage' is ideal for those seeking a bit of 'fresh air'... with plenty of ashtrays. The winter smokers are not forgotten either with the provision of heating - a much welcomed relief from the winter chills that will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Simply put, Isobar offers a variety in music and areas for typically a younger crowd consisting of those around 18-25 years old. The rich blending of old and new, the pokey corridors that lead to various rooms and the rooms themselves, make for a unique experience that gives you options once you arrive.

If you enjoy a good atmosphere, friendly crowd and love to dance - Isobar is defiantly the place to be on Hobart's waterfront. While I strongly believe that a night out is what you make it; the environment Isobar provides goes a long way to helping set a positive mood, laying the foundations for a good night out no matter the time of year.


11 Franklin Wharf, Hobart TAS 7000

Ph (03) 6231 6600

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