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The History of Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Brothers' has a long auspicious history in the Far North Queensland community. The Brothers Rugby League Football Club, formed in 1926, was one of the inaugural football teams that comprised the Cairns & District Rugby Leagues Competition. In the late 1970's, the Cairns competition started to expand and clubs from the regional towns of Atherton, Mareeba, Babinda, Yarrabah, Tully and Innisfail joined the competition. This expansion led to the introduction of home and away games. Brothers Football Club did not at that time have its own sporting fields to train or play on, so in 1974 it was decided to establish a licensed club for the purpose of raising funds to obtain and develop the required sporting facilities. Initially known as Brothers Social Club, it later became incorporated and changed its name to Brothers Leagues Club. From very humble beginnings the club steadily grew and carried out a number of renovations to its Anderson Street premises. Then in 1981, the Leagues Club was successful in obtaining the lease of 10 acres of land in Behan Street (an old dump site) for the purpose of developing rugby league sporting fields and amenities. These facilities comprising two full sized rugby league fields, a gym, canteen and toilets were completed at a cost of over $600,000 in April 1983 and were named after club stalwart and builder of the complex, Stan Williams. Further renovations were carried out over the years to the licensed premises in Anderson Street culminating in a complete new club facility opened by the Queensland State Treasurer at the time, Keith Delacey, on October 21, 1995.

Getting There

While continuing to meet its primary purpose of the promotion and development of rugby league, Brothers Leagues Club has expanded its assistance to other sports including lawn bowls, rugby union, netball, hockey and cricket to name a few. With this community sports focus, the Club did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to acquire the lawn bowls facility at Edmonton now known as Fuller Sports Club. Recent property acquisitions around the Edmonton facility have been made with the future enhancement of sport in the Edmonton area and North Queensland generally. Currently the Club is in discussions with the Northern Pride to look at the feasibility of a joint venture that will focus on the development of North Queenslanders in all sports to enable them to reach their full potential. Details of this exciting concept will be made known in the very near future. Negotiations are also nearly finalised with the Cairns Regional Council for an expansion of the existing rugby league facilities at Behan Street which will see an additional full sized rugby league field developed with associated lighting etc. This will go a long way to resolve the overcrowding that is being experienced as a result of the huge growth in our Junior Football Club's playing numbers. Such is the popularity of the game that Brothers Juniors often have to field two sides in some age groups. It is quite strange to see Brothers (blue) playing Brothers (white) on some weekends!


While the promotion and development of sport is the primary core value of the organisation, the Leagues Club is also involved in the broader community offering important financial and in-kind support to many schools and charitable organisations. The members of Brothers Leagues Club can be truly proud of its past history and success and can look forward to exciting times in the future. The Club's point of difference is its excellent service and facilities, quality entertainment and intense sporting and community support which continue to grow and sets it apart from its competitors.