Zoo Twilights Returns In 2018 - And The First Artist Has Just Been Announced!

Written by Nikki Sternagel on 26th September, 2017
Zoo Twilights Returns In 2018 - And The First Artist Has Just Been Announced!

Picture this. It's summer. You're at Melbourne Zoo - and you're watching the sun set while enjoying a picnic on the lawns to the sweet sounds of your fave artists.

Sounds preeeeeetty darn dreamy. Well we're here to give you the good news: Zoo Twilights returns in 2018 to bring your favourite artists LIVE to the stage in the heart of the zoo. Sunset, live music, picnic... How's the serenity?

But of course, we're not here JUST to tell you that Zoo Twilights returns to Melbourne Zoo from 26 January - 10 March 2018... We're also here to give you the first tasty morsel of the line-up.

Zoos Victoria have already announced their first artist and... *drumroll please* Ben Folds will be taking to the Twilights stage on Friday 16 February! He'll be performing his Paper Aeroplane Request set, supported by Lucy Rose.

If you're not in the know on this special Paper Aeroplane Request set - it's quite straightforward, really. We'll lay it out here for you:

1. Write your song request on a piece of paper
2. Fold that piece of paper into an aeroplane
3. Throw that paper aeroplane onto the stage during the second half of the show
4. Hope your request gets randomly selected

So there you have it. A very tasty morsel of information to brighten up your Tuesday! The full line-up will be announced on Wednesday 18 October - make sure you've signed up to hear it first and access the pre-sale at www.zootwilights.org.au.

Once you've done that... start thinking of your requests. And get some Ben Folds in your life this glorious day with this clip of him composing a song LIVE for an orchestra in only 10 minutes.