Yungblud releases gruesome video for Psychotic Kids

Written by Geordie Gray on 12th June, 2018
Yungblud releases gruesome video for Psychotic Kids

Yungblud is one of the most exciting acts on our radar. After releasing one of the catchiest tracks of 2017; his rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric.

‘Psychotic Kids’ is the second single off Yungblud’s ’21st Century Liability’ EP, which was released late last month. The video is a gruesome delight that looks like it could’ve come straight from Suicide Squad.

Yungblud explains that the song is about ““people with old ideologies trying to hospitalize the younger generation’s way of thinking—treating them almost like an experiment. Our mental health is questioned because there is fear to adopt ‘new’ ways of thinking. People are always afraid of things they don’t understand and instead of confronting fear, it’s so much easier to pass it off as insanity”

Watch the video below now:

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