You can now ACTUALLY do your makeup with crayons

Written by Georgia Moloney on 5th June, 2018
You can now ACTUALLY do your makeup with crayons

A few years ago, YouTube’s beauty guru community began to do their makeup with crayons. Crayola responded with a statement recommending people not use their products as makeup, even though they are non-toxic.

Fast-forward to 2018, and these DIY tutorials are no more! Why you ask? Because ASOS just dropped a wild makeup collection in collaboration with Crayola.


Crayons actually made for your face.

Crayola x ASOS beauty products
ASOS’ Crayola beauty products

The 58-piece collection features a massive range of products. Lip colours, brushes, highlighters, multi-use face sticks, mascara and even eyeshadow palettes. The products are super cute, even coming in Crayola’s signature yellow and green outer packaging. The diverse colour range also nods to Crayola’s huge number of available shades.

As the kids say – it’s lit fam.

Image Credit: ASOS

Image Credit: ASOS

Nostalgia is key

Everything about this collection screams nostalgia, and it’s sure to suck a whole lot of people in to buying these adorable products. Does anyone really need an electric blue eyeshadow crayon? But then again, did any of us really need a 200-pack of crayons as children? Nope. Do we still want both? YEP!

Crayola 200 crayons pack
The original Crayola

Maybe nostalgia truly is the secret to selling products to gen x, gen y and millennials. It seems we’d all like to go back to simpler times.

For a trip down memory lane, with a modern af twist, take a squizz at the colourful collaboration on the ASOS website.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine