You can buy a piece of the original Death Star on eBay

Written by Nathan Jolly on 29th May, 2018
You can buy a piece of the original Death Star on eBay

The ultimate collectable for Star Wars fans — outside of a lock of hair from George Lucas’s beard — has popped up on eBay, after being discarded in landfill 41 years ago.

When the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, was made, there was no inkling of how massive the film or the franchise would become. Therefore, after they wrapped shooting and no longer had any need for the incredibly-detailed models that were used as the Death Star, they simply tossed them. Next!

An employee of Industrial Light and Magic (the visual effects arm of LucasArts) thought better of this, and secretly souvenired one of the model pieces from landfill, and held onto it for 37 years, later selling it on to a Star Wars collector, who now wants to sell it to you.

It’s a fairly sizable piece of the Death Star, measuring roughly 60cm X 30cm at its base, and featuring extreme fine detail (those ILM guys were good!). According to the listing it is in great condition, and has a certificate of authenticity from two ex ILM employees.

Check out the listing on eBay, and start bidding.

The current bid sits at $10,600, and the auction closes on June 3.

Farmers, gold robots and spaceships. This’ll never catch on.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine