William Crighton and Claire Anne Taylor Combine To Make Magic... Pure Magic.

Written by Alex Batorowicz & Nikki Sternagel on 6th June, 2016
William Crighton and Claire Anne Taylor Combine To Make Magic... Pure Magic.

William Crighton and Claire Anne Taylor - the story of a majestically bearded man and a flaming-haired woman who join together to create something completely out of this world. The truth is, you should probably come join them. These two songbirds have a passion for the rural serene life and their capturing voices will make you feel like you're hanging with them around a bonfire.

Taylor's voice is completely addictive and you'll never want to stop listening to it; while Crighton will lull you into a sense of euphoria. You'll be swaying the whole time they sing to you and once they combine both voices to serenade the people, it'll be magical... believe you me, magical.

Speaking of their stories, Crighton's has taken him around the world, including spending an extensive time in Nashville. Upon return to Australia he settled near the South West Slopes region of NSW to record his self-titled debut - it's a stirring songbook that captures the gritty essence of our vast country (take a listen)! Taylor's begins in the wilderness - growing up in Tasmania's ancient rainforest where she was born in the family barn gave life to her debut album 'Elemental' which was released in March (listen here).

The Newcastle Herald is all over Crighton's album, praising it as being "high theatrics, gutsy and cool at the same time" and Paul Gough from ABC Radio National can't keep away from Taylor's debut release: "It's one of the CDs I keep going back to."

They both wear their hearts firmly on their sleeve, penning songs that capture the human experience. You can catch their stories joining together for enthralling live performances and evocative storytelling - it'll be a great party that's for sure! 

You can catch this magical duo on the following dates from their national tour through moshtix:

22 July | The Oxford Circus - Sydney, NSW | Buy Tickets

23 July | Rad Bar - Wollongong, NSW | Buy Tickets

29 July | Grace Darling Hotel - Collingwood, VIC | Buy Tickets

5 August | Republic Bar - Hobart, TAS | Buy Tickets

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