We don’t talk about Patrick Stump collaborating with Transit enough

Written by Bianca Davino on 16th July, 2018
We don’t talk about Patrick Stump collaborating with Transit enough

2011 was a pivotal year in the development of modern pop punk. News of a pop punk resurgence was on the tips of everyone’s tongue. A new scene was developing in which bands like The Wonder Years, Transit, A Loss For Words, Man Overboard and Fireworks were stirring up hype worldwide with their fresh take on the genre.

By 2011, Fall Out Boy had been on hiatus for nearly two sad years. Each member had delved into different projects and interests, moving on from their pop punk beginnings. In this time, Patrick Stump took the opportunity to forge his solo career, in the form of Soul Punk. 

Soul Punk was a pretty far cry from the pop punk and emo sounds Stump had become known for with Fall Out Boy. Although Soul Punk unleashed Stump’s multifaceted talent unto an unsuspecting world, he maintained a connection to his roots in the process.

In 2011, Patrick appeared as a guest vocal feature on Transit’s track ‘All Your Heart’, which featured on their excellent and painfully underrated album Listen & Forgive. The track is an indie-tinged emo slow burner, with a huge, heart-string tugging chorus, beautifully peppered with Patrick Stump’s vocals.

In an interview with Minds Equal Blown, the band explained how the collaboration came to be. The band said that Stump reached out to the band after they were recommended to him on Twitter, noting the huge influence Fall Out Boy had on them as young musicians. 

“What happened was he tweeted once that he needed suggestions for bands he should take out on tour with the solo project he is doing right now. A couple of kids told him to take us out. He ended up contacting us, and told us he really liked us but it didn’t fit what he was doing right now so we couldn’t tour with him.

He said he was really interested in working with us or helping us out. It was his idea. He told us if we ever needed any guest vocals on a song or anything like that he’d be down. We told him we were a month away from recording and he was stoked for it. We sent him the track and told him what we wanted with it and he killed it.”

“He did a great job. He put everything he had into it in his own studio. His band has been a big influence of ours growing up. It was really cool to have someone you look up to put down a part of their own on something you created and worked on.”

We don’t talk about this epic feature enough – re-visit the track below.

Listen to Transit’s ‘All Your Heart’ (Featuring Patrick Stump):

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