Watch this 8-year-old drummer upstage the Foo Fighters at their own show

Written by Bianca Davino on 10th May, 2018
Watch this 8-year-old drummer upstage the Foo Fighters at their own show

Foo Fighters shows as of late have been home to more than a few outlandish circumstances. Just last week, a couple used the show as a backdrop for their wedding, tieing the knot during the band’s performance of ‘Everlong’, John Travolta and Billy Idol joined the band for a sing-a-long and a KISS mega-fan even stormed the stage to jam ‘Monkey Wrench‘.

Now, an 8-year-old drummer adorably named ‘Little Fonzie’ is the latest guest to feature on stage with the band. The over-zealous muso hopped up onstage with the band, managing to hold the stadium in the palm of his pint-sized hand with a 3-minute drum solo.

Whilst drum solos are often a hallmark of a Foo Fighters show, wooing the audience into a semi-quaver induced daze is Taylor Hawkins job – Grohl tried to signal that Fonzie’s time in the spotlight was over with a congratulatory handshake, however, he continued to carry on in a spotlight fuelled over-stayed welcome.

Despite Grohl’s annoying with the kid, you got to admit – he’s got serious chops.

“Hey, Little Fonzie, can I have my concert back?” said Grohl, who even called for Fonzie’s father’s assistance in dragging him off the stage. In what was the final straw Grohl attempted to lure him off the stage with the promise of a Coke. Parenting 101.

Check out Little Fonzie as he tears it up.

The Foo Fighters will spend the remainder of 2018 embarking on their Concrete And Gold tour, which will see them take to the stage across Europe and the US.

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