Watch Liam Gallagher playing an Oasis B-side for the first time since 1996

Written by Tyler Jenke on 1st July, 2018
Watch Liam Gallagher playing an Oasis B-side for the first time since 1996

A recent festival set for Liam Gallagher has seen the former Oasis frontman unearth an old B-side from his old group, with the track seeing its first performance since 1996.

As NME notes, Liam Gallagher performed at London’s Finsbury Park on Friday night where he delivered a set that was comprised mostly of classic Oasis tunes, with a handful of his new solo tracks thrown in for good measure.

However, fans were treated to a rather special performance near the end of the set, with Liam Gallagher choosing to perform a brilliant version of ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’ before closing proceedings with a classic rendition of ‘Wonderwall’.

Originally appearing as the B-side to Oasis’ second single, ‘Shakermaker’, ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’ was a Noel Gallagher-sung track which appeared in Oasis setlists sporadically back in the day, usually during a brief acoustic section performed by Noel.

Ironically, the last time that Oasis ever performed the tune, it was Liam who took over lead vocals, though the track had to be cut short after it became clear that Liam didn’t actually know the words to the song.

While we can’t say how much research he’s done in regards to the track over the last 22 years, it appears he’s at least finally learnt all the words to the point where he can now give his eager fans a sizeable musical treat during his solo set.

Check out Oasis’ ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’:

Liam Gallagher @ Finsbury Park, London 29/6/18 Setlist

‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ (Oasis song)

‘Morning Glory’ (Oasis song)

‘Greedy Soul’

‘Wall Of Glass’


‘For What It’s Worth’

‘Bring It On Down’ (Oasis song)

‘Listen Up’ (Oasis song)

‘Slide Away’ (Oasis song)

‘I’ve All I Need’

‘Whatever’ (Oasis song)


‘Supersonic’ (Oasis song)

‘Some Might Say’ (Oasis song)

‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ (Oasis song)

‘Live Forever’ (Oasis song)

‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’ (Oasis song)

‘Wonderwall’ (Oasis song)

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