Watch Jack White just casually throw a gig in a high school playground

Written by Bianca Davino on 31st May, 2018
Watch Jack White just casually throw a gig in a high school playground

We can guarantee nothing this cool ever happened during one of your school lunches. Whilst hormone-fuelled brawls and free sausage-sizzles may have been the pinnacle of excitement during your schoolyard days, the students of Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, DC now have a story that they’ll probably dine on well into their adulthood.

As reported by Consequence Of Sound, modern rock icon Jack White made a surprise appearance in the school’s playground to perform a pop-up concert whilst in town for two sold-out shows at local venue The Anthem. According to the article, White was accompanied by a backing band and the performance lasted around 45 minutes in the school’s atrium.

Now, it wouldn’t have been a Jack White set without tearing through a rendition of ‘Seven Nation Army’, which saw the students storm to the stage with a rambunctious White, who encourage a whole lot of foot stomping along to the anthemic track.

Watch the incredible performance of ‘Seven Nation Army’ below:

“They knew we have this big atrium space, and they thought that that might be an appropriate place for him to set up and do a pop-up show,” explained the school’s Principal Kimberly Martin, who was one of two people who knew the performance would ensue to ensure it was kept a secret.

“They were dancing and having quite a time,” Martin said. “They definitely knew the music.” Martin said the kids were initially a bit standoffish and unsure of how to react, but then White “called them towards him, and the kids just rushed him.”

It’s hard to believe that a High School principal would be cool with having one of the world’s largest living rockstars just casually take over for an hour, but hey, if skipping class to watch Jack White perform lands you in detention, it’d be well worth it.

The article was originally published on Tone Deaf