Watch Dave Grohl invite a “repeat offender” onstage to drum with the band

Written by Tyler Jenke on 1st May, 2018
Watch Dave Grohl invite a “repeat offender” onstage to drum with the band

Over the last couple of weeks, it seems as though the Foo Fighters have been the personification of a musical headline, with almost all of their recent shows being noteworthy for Dave Grohl’s tendency to invite a fan onstage to perform with them.

Following an incident where we saw, as Grohl calls him, “the KISS guy”, join the band onstage, we’ve seen fans ask Dave to be their dad, while even John Travolta and Billy Idol have made appearances. But you know what all of these fans have in common? They’ve only made it on stage once. But now one fan has become a “repeat offender”, appearing onstage with the band for the second time in under a year.

As NME reports, the band were playing at the Georgia State Stadium in Georgia, USA on Saturday night when Dave Grohl decided to follow tradition and invite a fan onstage. However, the fan he chose happened to be Pierce Tracy Edge, a fan who had performed ‘Under Pressure’ with them just last October.

“I have never had a repeat offender at a Foo Fighters show, but tonight, this crazy motherfucker Pierce is back,” Grohl explained to the crowd. “I’m not calling you up yet Pierce. First of all you’re wearing – that’s the same fuckin’ shirt you wore last time isn’t it? That’s fucked up. Pierce, ladies and gentlemen, you wanna come up and do a song with Foo Fighters? Get your ass up here Pierce.”

“He’s a repeat offender, repeat offender! It’s gotta happen, this is the first time we’ve had the same kid twice in a year,” Grohl continued. “Ladies and gentlemen, the kid with the same shirt that I wore to the 1996 MTV Awards, this is Pierce ladies and gentlemen!”

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“Hold on a second, he just said he brought five different signs for five different songs,” Dave noted as Pierce emerged on stage, attempting to get one of his requests chosen.

“I should be able to pick this song motherfucker,” Grohl interjected. “You know this is my fuckin’ show, right? Are you cool with that? Are you sure you’re cool with that? Pierce get on the drums right now. Ladies and gentlemen this is a repeat offender, this is Pierce!”

“I’m gonna throw him a fuckin curveball right, this is like America’s Got Talent, I’m going to throw him a fuckin’ curveball, and I am Simon Cowell like a motherfucker right now. Pierce, get on the drums. Don’t make it any longer than it should be, okay, we’ve got a curfew. Silly ass shirt. Pierce, I’m gonna test your ass right now.”

Before long though, Dave Grohl led Pierce Tracy Edge in a performance of 1995’s ‘Big Me’ while drummer Taylor Hawkins awkwardly shuffled around the stage before joining Dave on lead vocals.

Let’s face it, as the Foo Fighters’ gigs continue, there’s only going to more fans jumping onstage to join Dave Grohl and the gang, but this is going to be a pretty hard performance to top.

Check out Pierce Tracy Edge performing ‘Big Me’ with the Foo Fighters:

Foo Fighters @ Georgia State Stadium Georgia 28/04/18 Setlist


‘All My Life’

‘Learn To Fly’

‘The Pretender’

‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’


‘Sunday Rain’

‘My Hero’

‘These Days’



‘Under My Wheels’ (Alice Cooper cover)

‘You’re The One That I Want’/‘Imagine’/‘Jump’/‘Blitzkrieg Bop’

‘Under Pressure’ (Queen cover) (with Luke Spiller)

‘Monkey Wrench’

‘Dirty Water’

‘This Is A Call’

‘Big Me’ (with Pierce Tracy Edge on drums)

‘Best Of You’


‘Times Like These’

‘Young Man Blues’ (Mose Allison cover)


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