Watch Alex Gaskarth join State Champs onstage at Warped Tour

Written by Bianca Davino on 26th June, 2018
Watch Alex Gaskarth join State Champs onstage at Warped Tour

The last ever Warped Tour commenced a few days ago and its fair to say we’re already experiencing a certain level of bittersweetness. Although we’re looking forward to the many surprises and once-in-a-lifetime collabs between our favourite artists to pop up, it’s still hard to believe it’ll be the last time this occurs.

Just three dates in, All Time Low and State Champs have kicked off what’ll be a slew of FOMO-inducing moments. During the tour’s sold out stop at Ventura, California, Alex Gaskarth joined the pop punk luminaries on stage to perform a track off their new album, Living Proof. 

Alex emerged from behind the stage to join the band for an energetic rendition of the masterclass pop punk banger ‘Criminal’.

Alex joined State Champs during the writing process of Living Proof, which frontman Derek DiSciano discussed in our interview him as being a highly positive experience in which he learnt a lot about songwriting.

“I learned a lot actually from being with Alex and Mark this time around because I thought it would be so tough to kind of like, you know go deeper, like open up and get emotional with those kinds of people.  Alex is already our friend who we knew and we kind of already have chemistry with because they brought out on tour a year ago.”

All Time Low recently released a new banger, ‘Everything Is Fine’, which sees the band return to their alt-rock roots, signifying a stylistic change from their last album Last Young Renegade. 

This year’s Warped Tour lineup features some of our favourite acts including State Champs, Real Friends, Waterparks, Tonight Alive and more, so expect plenty more epic moments like this to occur over the next few weeks.

Listen to Alex Gaskarth’s co-writing effort with State Champs, ‘Dead And Gone’:

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