Watch a meteorite fall from the sky during a Foo Fighters festival set

Written by Bianca Davino on 19th June, 2018
Watch a meteorite fall from the sky during a Foo Fighters festival set

Anything is possible at a Foo Fighters show – from massive guest appearances to marriages, there is a certain magic and awe elucidated from a rock show of that capacity.

Now, it seems like every member of the crowd would’ve had their opportunity to have their dreams come true during the band’s headline set at Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands over the weekend. The band were graced with a meteorite that soared over the stage, falling from the sky during their performance.

It seems as though all the stars aligned with this occurrence – the stunning display of light came just as drummer Taylor Hawkins had finished his drum solo at the end of the band’s iconic track ‘Monkey Wrench’, right as the song hits its all-encompassing climax.

Check out the epic footage below:

Recently concerned Foo Fighters fans have begun expressing worries over Dave Grohl’s vocal health, with some fearing that his voice may be permanently damaged. One fan took to Reddit to share their experience at a recent Foo Fighters show, saying they noticed Dave’s voice didn’t quite pack the punch it once did, noting he found their set was crafted around “preserving” his voice.

“As great as the show was, it’s fair to say that the set is now geared around preservation – from the sharing of vocal duties with Taylor & Chris, to the drum solo break, to the extended instrumentals of all the major hits. He’s even toned down the screaming now (unless the song calls for it), opting for a ‘woooo!’ instead.”

The band were recently joined onstage by Guns N’ Roses at their headline set at Firenze Rocks in Italy, where they teamed up for a special performance of the track ‘It’s So Easy’.

Watch Foo Fighters ‘The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’ here:

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